Earlier this week @SSMindy asked fans to tweet in questions for driver Simon Pagenaud to answer using the twitter hashtag #SimonSays.  Questions ranged from racing to Thanksgiving advice. Simon sat down to offer mull over questions for the first round of #SimonSays, and his sage advice is below:

Question from @77tothefront: Looking for some Thanksgiving advice…should I cook our bird in the oven or deep fry it?

#SimonSays: “It all depends on how you catch the bird.”


Question from @Misssavannah1: If you were a fan and not a driver, who would your favorite IndyCar driver be and why?
#SimonSays: “I admire Helio because of his dancing moves. Paul Tracy is a great fighter. Also Willy P because of his crazy eyes.”


Question from @kl884347: Who is your favorite rider in the Pro Peloton now?
#SimonSays: I really like fellow Frenchman Thomas Voeckler. He’s been very successful in the last two years and I like his attitude.


Question from @rzagorac: How do you like your steaks cooked?
#SimonSays: I like them super rare and bloody because it tastes good that way.


Question from @OpenWheelMom: How do I get my better half to shave his beastly beard during no-shave Nobember?! It’s hideous!
#SimonSays: Maybe he could dye the color of the mustache to a pleasing color.  Or maybe a nice conditioner would help.


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