INDIANAPOLIS, Saturday, May 12, 2012– In a race car, IZOD IndyCar Series driver Simon Pagenaud is known to be a competitive and intensely focused driver. But off the racetrack, his Schmidt Hamilton Motorsports team members have begun to tease him for his incredible ability to misplace common accessories including car keys and, most often, his sunglasses.

Several times already this season, Pagenaud has misplaced his sunglasses, or ‘sunnies’ as he calls them. For a race car driver, sunglasses are a staple of his race track wardrobe. But for a driver, sunglasses are needed more than just for fashion. The sun at racetracks can be brutal, and clear vision is crucial for a driver.

To help him get through the Month of May, Pagenaud is asking for fans to bring him gently-used ‘sunnies’ throughout the month. While Pagenaud will wear some of the sunglasses, all of the collected sunglasses will be donated to Goodwill of Indianapolis at the end of May.

Fans are encouraged to bring used sunglasses to Pagenaud during autograph sessions, but he will gladly accept them from any fan at any time.

“I lose my sunnies all the time, so this is just something fun I wanted to do with the fans during my first time at Indy,” said Pageanud. “At the same time, I’m able to help out Goodwill of Indianapolis. So please, bring me some sunglasses. You will be helping me and Goodwill.”

A collection bin for sunglasses will also be placed outside the Sam Schmidt Motorsports garages in Gasoline Alley.

For more information on Goodwill, please visit