Today’s Practice Results—The position on the speed chart was at 3 p.m.—
Position: 2nd   
Speed/Time:  226.002 mph/39.8226 seconds
Total Laps: 13
Fast Driver/ Speed/Time of the Day: Scott Dixon/226.971 mph/39.6526 seconds

Alex Tagliani on today’s practice:
“What is there to say besides the car is very, very fast.  The B & W boys are doing a fantastic job and we’re right on schedule with our plan.  We’re trying little things here and there but the car is very good so we don’t want to mess around with it too much.

It’s very sensitive to every little change we make and it reacts well.  It’s very good in traffic and it’s very good when we are on our own.  Again, we’re pleased with the performance of the car today so we’re going to park it for the rest of the day and work on some things we’ve wanted to get done.  There are guys working here at the Speedway and at the race shop, so it’s a very big month for us.  It’s all going as planned and the quality of the work shows on track every day.  We’ve run with our race configuration downforce so I know what the car feels like with that downforce level and I think as long as your car is good for Qualifying, then your car will be good for the race.  There will be plenty of opportunity to run with full tanks and right now the car reacts well to the changes in downforce so we’re going to stay focused on Qualifying.  I’m just following the plans of the boys in the front and they seem to be doing a great job so far I’m just a follower at the moment.”

Rob Edwards, General Manager, on today’s practice:
“It has been another good day and we met our objectives.  Friday, the weather still looks questionable so we’re still working towards having the car where we want it to be by Thursday night for Qualifying on Saturday in case we can’t run on Friday due to weather.  That may mean we need to modify tomorrow’s plan but as far as our day today, we achieved what we wanted to achieve and hopefully that will all roll into Saturday.  We’re focused on Qualifying for now.  Our philosophy, and based on the team’s experience, is that if we have a good car in Qualifying, then we’ll have a good race car.  So we’ve been working on having a good consistent car and we believe that will be good for us in the race as well.”