Today’s Practice Results
Position: 4th
Speed/Time:  225.394 mph/39.9301 seconds
Total Laps: 27
Fast Driver/ Speed/Time of the Day: Scott Dixon/226.549 mph/39.7265 seconds

Alex Tagliani on today’s practice:
“After the first day of running we felt very confident and we evaluated the car and it was very good.  Today we were able to put a good speed on the board and we are very pleased with the performance of the car.

We’re going to keep our heads down and stay focused and continue to do what we are doing for the rest of the week.  So far, it’s been very positive.  We just have to make sure we stay out of trouble and that we protect our baby.  The car is running fast and the boys are doing a great job.  Our speeds and our potential are all attributed to the meticulous preparation of the B & W car that the guys have done and the hard work of the engineers.  We’re very pleased where we are and I think we’re going to have a good night’s sleep after today’s run.  We want to make sure we have a fast car so we can try to make the Fast 9 for Saturday.  So our plan for the rest of the week will depend on the track and the temperatures and how similar it will be to Saturday.  If it’s close we’ll take that advantage and go out and continue to prepare for Saturdays’ Qualifying.  If it’s very different than we will change the configuration of the car and go out in race mode and pound out some laps.  But we’ll still have Carb Day to run in race mode so right now we need to keep our heads in qualifying mode when the track is right.”

Rob Edwards, General Manager, on today’s practice:
“It’s been an excellent day.  Our Chief Engineer, Allen McDonald, has a great plan for the week and we’re sticking to that plan.  Obviously we lost yesterday with the rain which enabled us to take care of some details on the car we wanted to get done so the day wasn’t wasted.  We were then able to achieve everything on our list for today both running in traffic and running on our own.  The guys, as always, did a fantastic job preparing the B & W car and we’re excited for the rest of the week.  As the week plays out, we’re not going to run for running’s sake.  We have a specific plan and objectives we are trying to achieve.  In saying that,  it is Indiana in May so the weather is apt to change so for Wednesday we’ll stick to our plan and if the forecast doesn’t look great for Friday we might adjust Thursday’s plan a bit.”

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