Alex Tagliani’s Practice Results
Position: 8th 
Speed/Time:  225.609 mph/39.8920 seconds
Total Laps: 16
Alex Tagliani on today’s practice:
“It was just another super day.  The car has just been fantastic.  We did some running by ourselves today and we saw that the car is quick.  We definitely have a shot this weekend during Qualifying so we just have to baby this thing around and make sure we keep it all together.  The B & W crew is just doing a great job and giving me an outstanding car.  It is one of the fastest cars here so far

so everyone is very excited.  We have one more day to wait until we put it on the track and try to make it all happen for Qualifying.  (Re: Qualifying)  I think we will get out whenever we draw for Saturday because our car seems to be good anytime of the day so whatever we draw we go out and put a lap on the board and see what everyone else does.”
*Media Note—Bruno Junqueira, who is slated to drive the team’s 2nd entry in the Indianapolis 500, turned laps today in the #29 car of Rookie driver Sebastien Saavedra for Bryan Herta Racing.  Junqueira was asked to provide feedback on the car’s set-up since the #29 car is a one-car entry and it also gave Bruno the opportunity to test his new seat.
Bruno Junqueira’s Practice Results in Car #29:
Position: 32nd
Speed/Time:  222.278 mph/40.4899 seconds
Total Laps: 14
Bruno Junqueira on today’s practice:
“I think today’s practice was good and I have to thank Bryan Herta and Sebastien (Saavedra) for giving me the opportunity to get in their #29 car today.  It was a nice little test.  After driving trucks in Brazil the last few months, the first few laps here felt like I was in a rocket ship.  It took me only two laps to go flat all the way around above 220 mph so I still know how to do it.  I think I could improve the car a little bit for them and I ran a 222.278 mph by myself so I think they will be able to qualify this car and I hope I will have my car to qualify as well.”
Rob Edwards, General Manager, on today’s practice:
“Well it’s been a good day again.  We had lots of speed and we executed our plan once again.  We were a little disappointed with the weather; it didn’t really work with us.  We were hoping to get back out and run a few more laps since we are on neck for the least laps run this month.  That wasn’t intentional today; it was yesterday, but not today.  But given that, we’re happy with the speed of the car and the shape we are in heading into Qualifying.  Hopefully we’ll get a little more running tomorrow.  (Re: Qualifying)  If Andre (Azzi, team owner) arrives before the draw at 6 p.m. we will have him do the pull for us if not, we’ll draw straws to see who gets the honor.  Our Qualifying plan will depend on what position we draw.  With the new Qualifying format there will only be five hours to get your run in and based on the number of cars entered it will take three and a half hours to get through the Qualifying line the first time.  I think our plan has to be to try and get it done on the one run or if we draw a low number we might get a second opportunity.”
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