Entry: No. 33 Bowers and Wilkins/TorcUP of Canada/Dallara/Honda/Firestone

Event/Track: Indianapolis 500, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, 2.5 Mile Oval

Qualifying Results
Position: 25th
Average Qualifying Speed (4 laps):  225.662mph (Lap 1:  225.613, Lap 2:  225.659, Lap 3:  225.685, Lap 4:  225.692)

Media Notes on Bruno’s Qualifying effort:
• Junqueiras’ effort earned him the Red Gold “Red Zone” award.   The $10,000 award is presented to the entrant with the best single lap time posted in a completed qualification attempt on Bump Day.
• Junqueira has run a total of 14 laps (including qualifying) in the #33 car.
• The #33 car was prepared and run today by Alex Tagliani’s crew.  Today is the first time the car/chassis has been on track this year.
• Brendon Cleave is engineering the #33 entry for Junqueira.  Brendon’s normal role is as Damper Engineer for the #77 entry.
• This is Junqueiras’ third time as a 2nd day qualifier (2001-Ganassi, 2009-Conquest, 2010-FAZZT Race Team).

Bruno Junqueira on Qualifying:
“First I have to thank Bowers and Wilkins and TorcUP of Canada for stepping up at the last minute to make this possible.  I also have to thank the FAZZT Race Team as they also made this possible.  This month was short notice, but it got shorter today when we lost 20 minutes to get the car ready.  So when I went to do the two installation laps and then three more laps the car was already fast. 

Then we did a change and went out again and ran a few more laps and the car was really good.  Last year I ran 12 laps, this year I ran 7 laps so next year I think we’ll go straight to the car for qualifying.  I think this year I broke my own record.  I have to really thank the team; they gave me a great car.  I think I have to say a lot about my experience here as I have always really enjoyed and felt comfortable at Indianapolis.  I know my way to go fast here but they gave me a fast car too.  It is more important here to have a fast car than a fast driver.  I have to thank Alex, Andre (Azzi) and Jim (Freudenberg) to give me this opportunity.  I think I will have a competitive car for the race.  I doubt I will have much practice time and it most likely will only be Carb Day.  Alex is going to run practice for the race set-up today and I hope he can give me a good race set-up.  The cars are fast.  I’m so happy, because I have felt positive all week and everything worked out.  Today when I ran the car, I have never run this car before and the last time it was run was 2008 so I didn’t know if the car would be good or not.  The team made very good preparation to have the car as close to Tagliani’s as possible but you never know until you drive it if the car is that good or not.  And it was all good, so I’m very happy.”

Rob Edwards, General Manager, on Qualifying:
“This is just an amazing group of people at the FAZZT Race Team.  What we have achieved in the last two days is a credit to every single person in the FAZZT garage.  To run like we ran with Alex yesterday and be able to finish up Bruno’s car last night and go out this morning and basically in 14 laps for him to qualify with a time that would have been good enough for the shootout yesterday and the inside of row three.  It’s just a phenomenal effort from everyone.  Hats off to Bruno, the confidence he had in the team and the group of people that we have assembled was evident and I think he had to have that to get in the car.  He’s been around us a few days now and I think again, that is a testament to the people we’ve got that he was able to  soak up the atmosphere and he saw how serious we are about what we do and he was able to go out there and just do a phenomenal job.”

Media Note regarding Bruno Junqueira: 
The FAZZT Race team has qualified driver Bruno Junqueira in the #33 Bowers and Wilkins/TorcUP of Canada entry today at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  These sponsors are both on the #77 car of Alex Tagliani and yesterday stepped in to help field the #33 entry for Junqueira for the Indianapolis 500.  

Junqueira, a native of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, has competed in five previous Indianapolis 500 events capturing the pole in his second effort at the Indy 500 in 2002.  Junqueira has led 52 laps at the famed 2.5 mile oval and has finished 5th on two occasions, 2001 and 2004.  Junqueira most recently qualified the Conquest Racing entry on Bump Day in 2009 in the 30th position but did not compete in the race due to a driver change.  Junqueira graciously stepped out of the entry for the teams’ full-time driver Alex Tagliani who had failed to make the field due to a technical fault.

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